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Recent News
  • 1/1/2019 - 400 YouTube Subscribers! Help me reach 1,000 in 2019! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel today!

  • 12/24/2018 - My new book Successful New Year is selling very well on Amazon! Please check out the amazing five-star reviews at here.

  • 7/31/2018 - 300 Subscribers! Help me reach 1,000! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel today!

  • 7/15/2018 - My feature film, "You Can't Kill Stephen King" has been picked up by Amazon Prime! If you're a subscriber, come watch it for free! Please also write a review!

  • 6/21/2018 - My new book T.R.U.S.T. is selling very well on Amazon. Please check it out here.

  • 5/1/2018 - I passed the NY State life insurance exam and my law practice joined the New York Life professional alliance program. I am now authorized to help you with life insurance needs!

  • 2/5/2018 - Break Diving surpasses 5,000 members worldwide, as my not-for-profit continues to help people find success in life, and greater happiness too!

  • 8/23/2017 - I graduated police academy down in Florida. The Southwest Florida Public Service Academy, to be exact. A 5-month full-time program that resulted in my becoming a certified Florida law enforcement officer.

  • 1/2017 - Break Diving earns tax exempt status from the IRS and quickly gains a $120,000/year google ad grant of services in kind. Thank you Google!

  • 10/2016 - Created my not-for-profit Break Diving, Inc. and set up the website at

  • 3/2016 - Earned my PhD in psychology from Capella University (GREAT school) after 5 grueling years of study and original research. My final dissertation was a grounded-theory analysis of the decision-making processes of successful entertainers which I am still working on turning into a book.

Older News
  • 12/2013 - Quit my job and moved to China. Actually, after I quit my job as a public defender, I traveled Europe for 2 1/2 months, then moved to Shanghai, China to teach English and study Chinese for a year. What an experience! 我真开心因为现在我会说汉语!很棒!

  • 2/2012 - Began work as a public defender attorney with the Westchester County Legal Aid Society, helping those accused of felonies who can't afford an attorney to navigate the criminal justice system.

  • 2/2012 - YCKSK gains traction . My feature film, "You Can't Kill Stepne King" finally secured USA distribution after doing well internationally in many countries.

  • 1/2012 - Released my book, "Romantic Suicide - the 45 Unbreakable Rules of Dating", a book that many have said is useful to improve any type of relationships!

  • 6/2011 - I earned an LLM in Commercial Real Estate Law from Pace Law in White Plains, NY, and immediately enrolled in a PhD program in psychology at Capella University.

  • 6/2010 - I graduated law school after a three-year program at Pace Law in White Plains, NY. I earned a JD/MBA.

  • 11/2005 - Returned from Iraq after serving with honor as an intelligence officer and trainer to the 4th Iraqi Army

  • 6/2001 - Published my first book, "The Theatrical Juggernaut", to great acclaim. It's now sold in a second edition, and still brings me clients and compliments after all this time!